CSF 101

The contact shock freezers are designed for fast freezing of blood plasma, biological and pharmaceutical preparations at an internal temperature of -30 ° C. The CSF models are built in accordance with the guidelines for the preparation of blood plasma and offers several functions of control, warning and registration of safety data developed through more than 35 years of expertise in refrigeration technology.
Storage capacity (plasma bags) : 32 (1000ml) / 96 (350ml)
External dimensions H x W x D (mm) : 1910 x 1500 x 830

B Medical Systems

B Medical Systems is a pioneer in the medical equipment industry based in Luxembourg. Our recognition has grown through our work and the positive results it has generated and we became known for our expertise in the cold chain and blood safety. All our stakeholders recognize us for the work we do, not just for profit, but for the greater good of humanity, saving lives in developing countries.

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