MT 8

Systems for the secure transport of sensitive products. The MT model range consists of five passive transport systems and one active transport case powered by a compressor. B Medical Systems transport systems are ideal for intensive use with many transport applications, even in difficult climatic conditions. MT models comply with the European Agreement on the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR), rail (RID), by sea (IMDG) and with the international agreement for air transport (ICAO-TI / IATA -DGR). For all passive transport boxes, eutectic cooling systems are available as options (-32 ° C, + 4 ° C, + 22 ° C and + 37 ° C).
Gross volume (l) : 20
Storage capacity (bags) : 8 (450ml) / 14 (270ml)
External dimensions H x W x D (mm) : 437 x 588 x 288

B Medical Systems

B Medical Systems is a pioneer in the medical equipment industry based in Luxembourg. Our recognition has grown through our work and the positive results it has generated and we became known for our expertise in the cold chain and blood safety. All our stakeholders recognize us for the work we do, not just for profit, but for the greater good of humanity, saving lives in developing countries.

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